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Boghammar Marine Delivers Light-Alloy Pilot Boat

pilot delivers

The Swedish company Boghammar Marine AB of Lidingo, near Stockholm, recently delivered the new 40-foot light-alloy pilot boat Turnstone to the Mersey Dock & Harbour Company of Liverpool, England. The new Volvo-Penta-powered vessel has a beam of about 13 feet, draft of 29.5 feet, and an all-up weight of 10 tons. The two Volvo Penta TAMD 70E marine diesels are each rated at 198 kw (270 hp) for medium duty operation. During sea trials with six people onboard, the boat achieved a speed of over 20 knots. The Turnstone's design differs from that of the earlier Swedish pilot boats in a number of aspects. To allow the vessel to better cope with the seas running off Liverpool, a second knuckle or chine was built into the hull. The interior layout was changed to meet customer specification, and a small cabin forward of the engines was equipped with pantry and toilet. Designed to accommodate a coxswain, crewman and four pilots, the Turnstone was delivered from the builder fully equipped except for its radar set which will be fitted in Liverpool. The radar mounting support and cabling was already installed.

Boghammar Marine, formed in 1970, is a wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary of Gustafson & Anderssons Varv AB, a company that built its first light-alloy boat in 1928. The company compiled the first International Rules for Building Light-Alloy Boats, for the ICOMIA.

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