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Tradition with over 100 years of expertise

Boghammar Marin was founded as a subsidiary of “Gustafsson & Andersson Varvs AB” founded in 1905.

The company is with its 100 years of history one of the oldest still operating shipyards in Sweden. We are a family business

now run by the third and fourth generation Boghammar. Since its creation, the shipyard has been involved in the production of ships/boats of its own design, where we also have designed and constructed our own marine engines “Bog-Marin”.

Between 1920 and 1930 we made a series of aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. The aircraft manufacturing was sold and

then became a part of creating the world-famous Saab Company. With the experience of aircraft production the yard in 1928

produced one of Europe’s first lightweight metal boats. Lightweight metal vast potential was obvious, but because of a shortage of aluminum during the Second World War the production of light metal boats did not start properly until 1950.

In the late sixties, the yard undertook the design and construction of three racing boats, which participated in international

offshore races. All built in aluminum, one of the speedboats won and held for some time the World Championship

title in the category of “world's fastest diesel driven boat”.

With the experience of racing boats the shipyard managed during the 1980s to export fast patrol boats to Iran, Ethiopia,

Taiwan and Britain. These high-speed boats with long, narrow, specially designed hulls and surface cutting propellers has

excellent sea keeping capabilities with speeds up to 70 knots. During this time the shipyard also produced fast diesel-powered boats, pilot boats to the Swedish Maritime Administration, large passenger ships to include Libya

and also at the time the world’s largest yacht.

We are now focused on passengers- and commercial ships, such as patrol boats, police and pilot boats in sizes

up to 40 meters. Today, we are working with both new buildings, alterations and qualified maintenance. Where we constantly develop and renew our technology and products. Three generations Boghammar with over 1 170 boats

made have resulted in a concept in Swedish ship industry.

New off-plan projects • Repairs • Conversions • Maintenance

The Complete yard

(Lat: N 59° 20' 19.91'' Long: E 18° 10' 20.78")

The yard is centrally located in the inlet to Stockholm City, on the southern side of Lidingö opposite Fjäderholmarna

giving owners shorter distance when the need for a yard arises. The yard has a broad expertise and can offer all forms of work. With a slip that pass 110 tones and a warm hall for work on ships indoors. This creates good conditions for work well

done and shorter lead times. Our product range includes among others:

• New Construction

• Conversions and rebuilds

• Motor Changes

• Axel and propeller work

• Blasting and painting, sheet metal and welding in aluminum, iron and stainless.

• Hydraulic work

• Mobile service

The shipyard's construction capabilities include:

• Slip with a maximum tonnage of 110 tones

• Indoor warm hall with capacity of 37 meters in length and 7.10 meters in width

• Mobile cranes with up to 10 and 25 ton lifting capacity

• Dock and bridges for a depth up to 3.5 meters deep

• Lathe, cutting and bend machines

Boghammar Marin’s ambition is to offer our customers

a complete service. We have a well-developed network of subcontractors and suppliers and can undertake the most extensive of work. Besides rebuilding, we are building new ships, since 1905 we launched over 1 170 new buildings.

Most Swedish sightseeing, tourist and restaurant ships built in aluminum have been built here at Boghammar.

Exports since 1940

The first Boghammar ships to be exported, was built between 1940 and 1946. Sixteen vessels 20 meters long

for Germany and Romania, robust built of wood and steel. With the good reputation for high quality and customized

products Boghammar have received from abroad, we have over the years supplied boats and ships to Norway, Denmark,

Finland, England, Greece, Turkey, Libya, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Maldives, Venezuela,

to name a few. Unique customer solutions and good cooperation has led to many regular customers eg England where we have delivered five pilot boats. Boghammar Marin specializes in the production of aluminum ships and boats to customer needs and desires. Naturally, we are building under the international regulations and classifies our productions to the customer's wishes under class rules “Det Norske Veritas”, “Lloyds shipping” or the “Swedish Maritime Administration”.

You are always welcome to Boghammar Marin AB for a visit. For more information or for discussion, please contact us:

Boghammar Marin AB • Nysätravägen 6–8 • 181 61 Lidingö, Sverige/Sweden

Tel/Phone: +46 8 766 01 90 • Fax: +46 8 76618 55

E-post/Mail: marin@Boghammar.se • Internet: www.boghammar.se


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